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Samantha Butcher and Chris Schneider set up criSam Acrylic Pouring at the beginning of 2019. They run Acrylic Pouring sessions as well as selling their unique artwork and creating commissioned paintings too.


Samantha lives in East Sussex and works as a highly skilled Dental Ceramist by day and is a fun loving, expressive artist the rest of the time. She enjoys the freedom and unpredictability that Acrylic Pouring can bring. “It’s like unwrapping a surprise present every time!”
In 2014 Samantha went back to college and attained a City and Guilds Distinction for Textile Design and Decoration. This led her on to exploring many different creative techniques but Acrylic Pouring was “ Love at first pour”.
Samantha’s paintings are colourful and enjoys the opulence of iridescent and metallic shades in her work. She wishes to bring joy to any wall that her paintings are hung on.  Her main influence is Gustav Klimt and has a fascination with the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

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sam27 heart.jpg
sam18 celestial portal.jpg
sam10 swipe teaching.jpg
sam12 jellyfishinblueinst.jpg
sam 9 how does your garden grow?.jpg
sam11 hot head.jpg


Chris studied foundation arts in Worthing and went on to complete a degree in Graphic Design at Nottingham.
Originally painting in watercolour and ink, Chris recently has discovered the joys of working with acrylic paint. She loves the way paint reacts to create wonderful patterns and colour. Mainly working in the abstract, she takes her inspiration from the forms and colours found in nature. Inspired from an early age by the work of Roger Dean, she has always loved the beautiful swirling artistry of his worlds.
Chris loves teaching the art technique of Acrylic Pouring, the sessions enable her to pass on her experience and joy in creating art to others.

Visit Chris' gallery

31 bigflowers.jpg
137 duo midnight 1 of 2.jpg
133 corolla b40cm diamond.jpg
12 no name yet.jpg
41 large se.jpg
70 pint dry insta.jpg
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