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Samantha Butcher and Chris Schneider set up criSam Acrylic Pouring at the beginning of 2019.

As well as running criSam, they are both artists and sell their paintings in local galleries, at shows and online.

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Samantha Butcher

Samantha qualified as a Dental Ceramist in 1989 and currently works part time, giving her the creative space desired for painting and teaching. Samantha loves working with acrylics as they give her paintings a wonderful depth of colour. They also allow her the versatility needed in the techniques that she uses on the canvas.

Samantha likes to see beyond a traditional perspective and invites you into her quirky, whimsical world. Nature is full of wonder and mystery and this is where she takes her inspiration from. Samantha loves colour and beauty, in all it’s imperfections and this is reflected in her paintings. Samantha seeks adventure and happiness in all that she does and her ethos is to make you smile and bring joy to your wall.

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Chris Schneider

Chris’ formal background in art started with a Foundation in Arts based in Worthing and she went on to complete a degree in Graphic Design at Nottingham. Chris set up own graphic design business in 1997 but stopped in 2019 so she could concentrate on painting full time. 

Chris had always been fascinated by the quality of light; the way the light changes throughout the day and the contrasts it creates. She loves the dramatic light you have before a storm where you have dark, brooding clouds and beautiful flashes of sunlight on the landscape. With her abstracted landscapes, Chris is trying to capture the atmosphere of moments, the never-ending skies and sense of space. Chris is influenced by the countryside of Sussex where she lives. Whether it’s the gentle rolling South Downs or the beaches around Brighton. She loves creating abstracted landscapes of these areas and incorporates the wonderful shapes of fluid art with brush work and mark making. The majority of Chris’ work is based on landscapes however she also loves creating abstract paintings, playing with colour and shapes.

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