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Samantha Butcher's paintings
Dandelions in the Ocean BreezeSamF.jpg

Samantha Butcher

Samantha lives in East Sussex and works as a highly skilled Dental Ceramist by day and is a fun loving, expressive artist the rest of the time. She enjoys the freedom and unpredictability that Acrylic Pouring can bring. “It’s like unwrapping a surprise present every time!”
In 2014 Samantha attained a City and Guilds Distinction for Textile Design and Decoration. This led her on to exploring many different creative techniques but Acrylic Pouring was “ Love at first pour”. Samantha’s paintings are colourful and enjoys the opulence of iridescent and metallic shades. She wishes to bring joy to any wall that her paintings are hung on.


Featured painting

“Dandelions in the Ocean Breeze” © Samantha Butcher
Painting for sale: £100. Media: Acrylic

Canvas: 40cm (w) x 40cm (h)  x 1.5cm (d).

This painting appears in Samantha Butcher’s Whimsical gallery.

If you would like more information or wish to purchase this painting, please contact us.

There are five galleries showing Samatha Butcher's paintings. 



These are all Samantha's paintings which have a form or a representational concept. They mainly have negative space.


String Pull

These are all paintings created using string pulls.

Sam101 Meadow Dance in Purple.jpg


Samantha's paintings which have a whimsical twist.



All these paintings rely on the fluid nature of the acrylic paint and fill the complete canvas.

Sam85 KaBloom!.jpg


All Samantha's flow paintings.

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