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Samantha and Chris enjoy working on commissions, it is always lovely working directly with a client. They have worked on a range of commissions and some of these paintings are featured on this this page.

How to commissions work? 

Usually Samantha and Chris are contacted by a client who has seen a painting they like but would like it in a different size or maybe a different colour combination. Once a client has contacted either Samantha or Chris, they begin a discussion about what the client wants. Once this is agreed, the client pays a non-refundable deposit for the work to proceed. This non-refundable deposit covers the initial costs of the canvas and paint purchased for the commission.


How do I commission a painting? 

To commission a painting from Chris

To commission a painting from Samantha

Please mention if the commission is based on a painting you have seen. Once this contact has been made either Samantha or Chris will get in contact with you to begin the commission process.

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