Chris Schneider's paintings

Chris Schneider

Chris studied foundation arts in Worthing and went on to complete a degree in Graphic Design at Nottingham.
Originally painting in watercolour and ink, Chris recently has discovered the joys of working with acrylic paint. She loves the way paint reacts to create wonderful patterns and colour. Mainly working in the abstract, she takes her inspiration from the forms and colours found in nature.

Featured painting

“Crimson Dreams” © Chris Schneider
Painting: £170. Media: Acrylic
Canvas: 30cm (w) x 80cm (h) x 1.9cm (d)

This painting appears in Chris Schneider’s fluid gallery.

If you would like more information or wish to purchase this painting, please Chris via email.

There are seven galleries showing Chris Schneider's paintings. 



These are all Chris' paintings which have a form or a representational concept. They mainly have negative space.


Spirit Shadow

The 'Spirit Shadow" series of paintings are all very minimal but evocative. They look like spirits moving through the ether.


Chris' paintings inspired by the sea and coastlines.


Corolla series

This gallery shows the "Corolla" series of paintings. Corolla means 'petal' and all the compositions are made up of petal shapes.


Chris' paintings inspired by wonderful countryside vistas including landscapes inspired by Sussex.


15cm x 15cm

All my small 15x15cm canvases. These look great individually or grouped together in a series.



All these paintings rely on the fluid nature of the acrylic paint and fill the complete canvas.